Forequarters: The forelegs should be perfectly straight">
Forequarters: The forelegs should be perfectly straight, strong and well boned, with the elbows close to the body, When viewed from the side, the forelegs should be wider than when viewed from the front.

Pasterns should be strong with slight spring.

Shoulders: The shoulders should be sloping, clean and muscular, denoting speed.

Feet: The feet should be compact and round, with well arched toes, and tough elastic pads, protected by hair between the toes and pads.

Hindquarters: In the hind legs the muscles should be clean, well defined, good turn of stifle and strong hocks well let down.

Gait/Movement: Straight forward, free and active.

Dotted lines show direction of balance and support
Forequarters Forelegs
Feet and pasterns
Stifle and hock
Gait/Movement (Front)
Gait/Movement (Rear)